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L'Art du Soleil: Itinerant ecological pedagogical caravan

L'Art du Soleil: Der wandernde ökologisch-pädagogische Wohnwagen


L'art du Soleil is presented as a proposal for a way of life in response to the current economic, social, ecological crisis. The Sun warms us, lights the days, and gives us energy and vitamins. The caravan allows to wholly take advantage of this, with a fully practical use. The aim is to bring tools for people to use in their everyday life, so that we can change the individualistic and dehumanizing frame of mind of our current system, both through prototypes put into practice into the caravan and with the way we relate to other human beings.


Format: Practical Workshop Explanation
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Threads: Living conviviality
Language: English
Available languages: English



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