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Transition Theater: how to resist the cultural voices of growth and acceleration within us? 1/2

Transition Theater: wie den kulturellen Stimmen von Wachstum und Beschleunigung in uns begegnet werden kann 1/2


Future beings might share stories about these crazy decades, when most humans were living and working in a world in which individuals no longer had time for themselves, their social communities and a lifestyle that respects the ecological limits of growth. Part of the stories might be the internalized messages that told them that time is money. That you only live once. That there is no alternative to growth. And so on...
Somehow we know these stories, from our own lives today...

This interactive- theater workshop will explore moments in our daily lives when our mental infrastructures of growth and acceleration impact our decisions and actions profoundly. From here, we will search for ways in which we can resist and transform these unhealthy cultural beliefs that are deeply ingrained within us.


Format: Praktischer Workshop Erläuterung
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Themenstränge: Gemeinschaft leben
Sprache: Englisch
Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch



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