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Degrowth, quality of life and relations: Applying non-violent communication


In this practical session we will apply two methods that seem to be adequate in situations of tensions and conflicts related to sustainable lifestyles. When pursuing a sustainable lifestyle by using less resources one faces different forms of tensions, as some needs are fulfilled, but some others may be harmed. For instance flying to attend a conference allows one to participate in a certain community, be creative and be appreciated, but the need for protecting the environment and future generations is harmed.

min. 6, max. 20 participants
Please join the workshop 15 min. before the beginning.


Format: Diskussionsworkshop Erläuterung
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Themenstränge: Gemeinschaft leben
Sprache: Englisch
Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch



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