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Instructions for a career refusal

Anleitung zur Karriereverweigerung


From early childhood we are conditioned to train us for a job. The capitalistic machine is fed
with a seemingly neverending stream of a, more or less, willing youth, struggling to make the very best of oneself. But the alleged lack of opportunities is created artificially and the reward measly. A humorouse »Instruction for a career refusal« but a serious statement for a selfdetermined life and a change of ownership relationships by young journalist and author Alix Faßmann (Berlin).


Format: Diskussionsworkshop Erläuterung
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Themenstränge: Gemeinschaft leben, Gesellschaft organisieren
Sprache: Englisch
Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch



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