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Technology and degrowth part 2: Practical cases


Within the degrowth community, two contrapositions towards technology can be found: one position is opposing technological development as it contributes to a growth economy. Others appreciate new technological options such as open source technologies for their potential to contribute to a more democratic access to knowledge. As no technology can be free from controversies the session aims to discuss and analyse questions that deal with the role of technology within a degrowth society. Hereby, the focus lies on practical examples of technology use within the degrowth context. In this session, not only specific technologies (e.g. open source technologies) will be discussed, but also initiatives that deal with specific technologies and its use (e.g. do-it-yourself approaches of energy production and use) will be presented. The presentations will give an analysis of the specific impact of the technologie(s) on a degrowth transition and will give ideas how they can be elaborated and further developed.

Mario Pansera: The social construction of green and social inclusive technological discourses in the Global South: Evidence from India and Bangladesh

Petra Wächter: Energy technologies and their impact on a degrowth society

Andrea Immendoerfer, Markus Winkelmann, and Colette Waitz: Reducing Energy Dependence at Urban Scale as an Aspect of Degrowth