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Upcycling solutions towards textile waste reduction

Nachhaltige Lösungen für textile Abfallreduktion. Wie kann mit dem Upcycling-Konzept auf Schnelllebigkeit in der Mode reagiert werden?


Presentation of the /Upcycling Fashion Pool/ project: a strategic network connecting designers to textile producers and second-hand clothes collecting companies as fundamental tool reducing textile waste.

We want to discuss about upcycling concepts by questioning the status quo of the fast fashion industry and exploring its problems within the textile and apparel supply chain. How can we link local and international networks together? During the talk we show some successful collaborations potential that networks create
in the development of sustainable strategies and find Innovative solutions.

The aim of the panel is to show the impact of textile waste in our society and to present solutions for its reduction. Degrowth starts from reduction.


Format: Podium Erläuterung
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Themenstränge: Sozial-ökologisch Wirtschaften
Sprache: Englisch




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