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Bridging the gap between permaculture and western household

Brücken schlagen zwischen Permakultur und westlichem Haushalt


What is the way to live more and more sustainable? To answer this question I begun to look around in my surrounding and found 3 examples which showed me how it could work. That's for me the Transition Town movement, eco-village models and the students project PermaKulturRaum. Tangible examples are important to inspire people. In Germany the expression "Reallabore" arises since a year for communities of practice with its change agents. I invite you to play together in applying improvisational theatre methods as well as a world café to create ideas about further hot spots of sustainability.


Format: Praktischer Workshop Erläuterung
Track: Practice & Activism / Praxis & Bewegung
Themenstränge: Gesellschaft organisieren
Sprache: Englisch




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