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Solidarity Economy, Cooperatives and Social Business

GAP working group


How can solidary/social/cooperative enterprises contribute to a transformation towards degrowth? What forms of alternative enterprises do we know, which ambivalences and contradictions do they hold within? Which societal and political frameworks could help expand alternative economies? And what happens with for-profit-enterprises on the path to a degrowth society?

Stirring Papers:
Elisabeth Voß: Towards a degrowth economy – for global justice and democracy // Donnie Maclurcan, Jennifer Hinton: Introducing the Not-for-Profit World Economic Model

This working group is part of the Group Assembly Process (GAP), an outcome-oriented three-day working process among practitioners, scientists, artists, activists and decision-makers of the degrowth movement. In order to participate in one of the working groups it is necessary to register for the GAP.


Format: GAP Erläuterung
Track: General / Allgemein

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