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Technology and Production

GAP working group


Which technologies are needed for the transformation to and in a degrowth society? What is the relation between high-tech and low-tech? How can societal and democratic control of technological innovation be organized?

Stirring Papers: Linda Nierling: A normative framework for the development and use of technologies in the degrowth context // Sylvain Fischer: How to produce for degrowth? Rediscovering manual skills and peasantry // Charlotte Knips, Jürgen Bertling, Jan Blömer, Willm Janssen: FabLabs, 3D-printing and degrowth – Democratisation and deceleration of production or a new consumptive boom producing more waste?

This working group is part of the Group Assembly Process (GAP), an outcome-oriented three-day working process among practitioners, scientists, artists, activists and decision-makers of the degrowth movement. In order to participate in one of the working groups it is necessary to register for the GAP.


Format: GAP Erläuterung
Track: General / Allgemein

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