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Commons and Peer Economy

GAP working group


Could the concepts of “commons” and “communing” be the basic principle for a degrowth society? Which social institutions (e.g. health, computers, schools) should be organized as commons, as public institutions, or in the market? What does this imply for gender, race and class relations?

Stirring Papers:
Naomi Miller, Patrick Bresnihan: How can we construct the commons? // Gunter Kramp: “Let´s be realistic, let´s try the impossible.” Degrowth needs a different economic system // Pau Bofill, Félix Pardo Vallejo: The bare necessities: Pushing from monetary economics back towards natural economies

This working group is part of the Group Assembly Process (GAP), an outcome-oriented three-day working process among practitioners, scientists, artists, activists and decision-makers of the degrowth movement. In order to participate in one of the working groups it is necessary to register for the GAP.


Format: GAP Erläuterung
Track: General / Allgemein

Sprache: Englisch
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