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Macroeconomics of Degrowth I


This special session deals with the question, how an economy can be organized without growth on a macroeconomic level. In specific, the papers presented investigate the roles of supply and demand of production factors, competition, capital accumulation, technological change, scarce natural resources, the monetary system and unemployment. The papers are all in the field of macroeconomics and are either theoretical or use computer-based scenarios, with a focus on post-Keynesian approaches.

Steffen Lange: Neoclassical, post-Keynesian and neo-Marxian perspectives on degrowth

Louison Cahen-Fourot: Ecological monetary economics: A post-Keynesian critique

Oliver Richters: Theoretical considerations on growth imperatives in a monetary economy

Christoph Gran: LOW GROW for Germany: modelling the macroeconomics of degrowth