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Technology and degrowth part 1: Theoretical perspectives


Technology is crucial when thinking about degrowth. Calls for degrowth imply scepticism as to whether decoupling economic growth from throughput of natural resources is possible. There are also calls to evaluate technologies differentiated across sectors and types of technology. At the 2010 Degrowth conference in Barcelona, selective moratoria on certain technologies were called for, but confusion about the relationship of technology and degrowth is still apparent. Hence four analytical perspectives were chosen for this session, in order to shed light on this relationship.

Christian Kerschner: Attitudes towards technology: dominant technological optimism and challenges for the degrowth alternative

Andrea Vetter, co-authored by Bettina Barthel: Convivial and Emancipatory Technologies – suitable conceptions for Technology in a Degrowth Society?

André Reichel: Technology as system: towards an autopoietic theory of technology