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Card game simulation: Natural economies as alternative to money


Card game simulation.
The special session is a workshop for the comparison of bartering, interest-free money, official (borrowed) money, and natural economies without money. The workshop is the simulation of a market or fair, where playing cards simulate goods, and they are exchanged among participants. The game is played in four stages. During the first stage participants are requested to exhange their cards according to the rules of bartering. Next, money is distributed for free (alternative or socila money), and participants are requested to buy and sell their cards. Then, participants borrow money from a bank, and they have to pay it back with interest after the market. Finally, in the last round, participants are requested to ask and deliver cards to each other without asking for or giving anything in exchange. The game is followed by a group discussion where the 4 models are compared with each other, with special emphasis on the benefits of natural economies.


Format: Special session with other format Erläuterung
Track: Science / Wissenschaft
Themenstränge: Sozial-ökologisch Wirtschaften
Sprache: Englisch
Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch




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