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Mitwirkende: Kunze, Conrad, Dr. (University of Freiburg)


Scientific paper contribution: Collective Ownership in Renewable Energy and Degrowth
The paper is co-authored by Sören Becker

Abstract: Collective forms of ownership in renewable energy emerge in nearly all nations of western Europe. The ongoing transition towards renewable energy production is thus also a transition in forms of organisation and ownership. Well known examples are the German bürgerenergie, people that commonly finance wind parks or solar panels, the (proposed) new public utilities (stadtwerke) in Wolfhagen, Hamburg and Berlin, the British community energy projects in the countryside (similar to the German bioenergiedorf), the nationwide co-operatives in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain, transition towns in France and Britain and many small local projects across western Europe.
We developed the concept of collective forms of ownership in renewable energy (CRE) to allow for an analysis of the contemporary development. Based on an empirical research in EU in 2013 (Kunze/Becker 2014), we argue that CRE are at least partially alien to the growth imperative. In the words of Ernst Bloch (1986), they are a possible utopia contained in the present.