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Mitwirkende: Guillen, Monica (University of Oslo)


Monica Guillen is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo (Norway). Her main research focus concerns the relationship between sustainable consumption and human wellbeing drawing from economics, psychology and international development perspectives.

Scientific paper contribution: Economic growth and human needs satisfaction across-socio economic groups in Peru. An illustration using the Human Scale Development Approach
Abstract: This paper analyses the interrelated factors associated with the problems and the potentials to meet human needs in five Peruvian districts. The study uses Max-Neef’s Human Scale Development (HSD) participatory methodology to ascertain local strategies to improve human need satisfaction in five locations chosen to illustrate some of the socio-economic and geographical diversity in the country. Results indicate that although increased material wealth is needed to improve need satisfaction in some areas, this must not necessarily imply economic growth at the country level as long as other personal and structural transformations directed to promote non-materialistic values, universal access to public services and benefits, and social cohesion are implemented. This suggests that even in developing countries, improving human needs satisfaction might demand structural changes that are not necessarily linked to the traditional recourse to economic growth.