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Mitwirkende: Stein, Eva Kristin (Humboldt University, Berlin)


Eva Kristin Stein ist diplomierte Industriedesignerin und hat einen Master in Design Studies. Sie promoviert aktuell zum Berufsverständnis von DesignerInnen und fragt sich, wie wir unsere Zukunft ökonomisch und lebenspraktisch gestalten werden.

Scientific paper contribution: How to design in a degrowth society?
Abstract: The approach of today’s design practise should give prospects for the transformation into a post-growth and sustainable field of work. The shifting from a technocratic to a social construction qualifies designers for this job because he/she is traditionally responsible for the definition of use the act of using and its shaping. The academic debates in design are all along critical. The idea of a change in consumption to radical turn of degrowth offers designers the possibility to experiment with reshaping society and products.