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Mitwirkende: Vogel, Tobias


Scientific paper contribution: Democratic values as a debatable legitimation of growth
Abstract: Democratic values as a debatable legitimation of growth Supporters of economic growth often relate it to strong moral relevance, especially in a cultural sense. They argue, that weak growth endangers good life and democratic values, because it shrinks people's optimistic view towards their future and frightens them of social downswing, becoming susceptible to xenophobia and other bad attitudes. I want to respond to this rationale by offering arguments, which attenuate the claim to the abolute truth in the cultural legitimation of growth. People compete against others on labour markets, which creates an atmosphere for xenophobia; they have to conceive consumpion as an expression of hard-earned status and a successful live in the uncertain conditions of mostly unequal societies.
Keywords: growth legitimation by democracic values, comparison of status, unequality, cultural enforcement of growth
Consumption: My lecture could be a contribution to these topics: The narrative step I want to address: facing the current crisis:critique and resistance. Possibilities: 1. Organizing society 3. Living conviviality