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Mitwirkende: Loeffler, Anthusa, Prof. Dr. (HTWK Leipzig)


Prof. Reg. Baum. Dipl.-Ing.
-1983 Studium an der RWTH Aachen
-1984 Aufbaustudium am Polytechnikum Mailand
-1988 Baurätin beim Staatlichen Hochbauamt I in Freiburg
-1990 Akademische Rätin an der TU München
1995- Professorin an der Fakultät für Bauwesen der HTWK Leipzig

Scientific paper contribution: Analysis of change- intercultural design exchange Germany and Japan - Approaching the question of future living
Abstract: This paper wants to discuss the context of the future development of Tokyo, which is characterized by Roland Barthes as a city without a center. After the enormous growth in the second half of the twentieth century, this paper discusses the aspect of De-growth and the chances for future living at different examples found in Japan and Germany. This paper focuses on the central question in which way can we transform the shrinking city for a better life, with more community space and less marginalization? The young generation of architects who concentrate on issues of social integration as an integral element of architectural processes are focusing on the connections of gardens and dwelling spaces, the integration of the surroundings into the architecture and the constant interaction of exterior and interior.