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Mitwirkende: Kern, Bruno, Dr. (Initiative Ökosozialismus)


Dr. Bruno Kern, geb. 1958 in Wien, Theologe, Philosoph, examinierter Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger, zurzeit selbstständiger Lektor, Übersetzer und Autor; Gründungsmitglied der "Initiative Ökosozialismus"

Scientific paper contribution: Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar
Abstract: This paper (only available in German) shows that building up a sustainable society on the ground of capitalist economy is an illusion. Mere technical solutions as proposed by supporters of the so called "Green New Deal" will not do it. But we need not only overvome capitalism but also industrialism. The paper is going into techincal details to give reasons for this view.