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Mitwirkende: Pinault, Eric, Prof. Dr. (University of Québec)


Eric Pineault is professor of sociology at the University of Québec at Montréal. His main areas of interest include financialization, the historical sociology of money and economic institutions, the contradictions of advanced capitalism as well as the political economy of degrowth.

Professor für Soziologie an der Universität Québec (Montreal). Forschungsschwerpunkten u.a.: Finanzialisierung, die historische Soziologie des Geldes und der wirtschaftlichen Institutionen, die Widersprüche des fortgeschrittenen Kapitalismus sowie die politische Ökonomie des Degrowth/ Postwachstums.

Scientific lecture: As advanced capitalist economies sink ever deeper into the austerity stagnation trap resulting from the neoliberal policy answers to the great financial crisis, it is an opportune moment to examine what radical political economy and degrowth can learn from each other. A social ecology and an ecological socialism must be able to give pertinent answers to both labour movements struggling against austerity and stagnation as well as ecological movements pushing for a deep transition to a postgrowth economy and trying to avoid its capture by neoliberalism.