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Mitwirkende: Bazzicalupo, Laura, Prof. Dr. (Università di Salerno Italy)


Laura Bazzicalupo is full professor of Political Philosophy in the Department of political social and communication’s sciences, University of Salerno Italy. She is director of a National Research Project about Inclusion, wellness and quality of bios in neoliberal governamentality.

She recently published Il governo delle vite, Biopolitica e economia, Laterza, Roma 2006; Biopolitica: una mappa concettuale, Carocci, Roma 2010, (2013). Among her articles on topics related to this conference: Die Gespenster der Bioökonomie und das Phantasma der Krise. In Die Kunst, das Leben zu "bewirtschaften": Biós zwischen Politik, Ökonomie und Ästhetik Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag; (2012); Imagination, Imaginary and the Bioeconomic Turn of Cognitive Capitalism. In C. Bottici, B. Challand (eds) The Politics of Imagination, London, Routledge. (2010). La scarsità come dispositivo per governare l'ambiente. Questa è la strada?. In Ottavio Marzocca (a cura di) Governare l'ambiente? La crisi ecologica tra poteri, saperi, conflitti, Milano, Mimesis 2010.

Laura Bazzicalupo ist Professorin für politische Philosophie in der Abteilung Politik-, Sozial- und Kommunikationswissenschaften der Universität Salerno in Italien. Sie leitet ein nationales Forschungsprojekt zu Inklusion, Wellness und Qualität von Bios (Natur) in der neoliberalen Gouvernementalität.

Ambivalence of dispositifs of subjectivation in the biocapitalist imaginary
Abstract: According Foucault's concept of governmentality, bio-economy is a complex device that governs lives, extending the capitalist production to the lives and souls. So subjectifications are ambivalent: internal to the system but ambiguously they exceed it. The neoliberal imaginary of the individual entrepreneur of himself incites empowerment and self government, but at the same time - as shown by crisis and centrality of debt - governs lives through the economic competition, evaluation and inequality.