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Mitwirkende: Kiefel, Willi (Feasta)


Willi Kiefel is a retired electronics engineer. His connection with Feasta goes back to Richard Douthwaite's "The Growth Illusion". Willi doesn't think that current governance models are suitable for climate change mitigation. He has been studying alternative governance models based on Commons.

Scientific paper contribution: Richard Douthwaite's contribution towards a Material De-Growth Society in Ireland
The paper is authored by Hans Diefenbacher and co-authored by Willi Kiefel
Abstract: The contribution will focus on Richard Douthwaite's work in Ireland towards a material degrowth society, especially his work within FEASTA, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability and his activities in “seed projects “ coming from civic society or grass roots level that were needed as there was no use waiting for governments or policy makers to get to grips with problems: projects for the localisation of economies, and of new monetary systems.