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Mitwirkende: Petrakos, Konstantinos (National Technical University of Athens)


Petrakos Konstantinos
PhD Candidate - Faculty of Architecture,
National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Scientific paper contribution: Land-grabbing procedures and social resistance in the European continent. The case of Chalkidiki (Greece) movement against gold mining.
Abstract: Subject of this research are the transformations of space due to the operation of mining activities in the territorial unity of the North East (NE) Chalkidiki. The changes occurring in the field of application of the extractive development model, are investigated. The procedures of changes in social relations of mining activities in the territorial unity of the North East (N.E.) Chalkidiki and the transformations of spatial planning (in the existing framework of relations between the state and market) constitute fields to be investigated in the research process. In addition, the paper will examine the environmental implications of the investment and will explore the compatibility of mining with other productive activities. This study approaches the research questions with bibliographical research and fieldwork. Throughout the fieldwork, the new social relations and forms of action that are emerging within the local movements in Chalkidiki come into the spotlight.