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Mitwirkende: Deriu, Marco


Scientific paper contribution: Care and Degrowth
The paper is authored by Federico Demaria and co-authored by Ph.D. Giacomo D'Alisa, Marco Deriu.

Abstract: Care is the daily action performed by human beings for their welfare and for the welfare of their community. The community refers to the ensemble of people being in proximity, and with which every human being lives, such as the family, friendships or the neighbourhood. In these spaces, as well in the society as a whole, an enormous quantity of work is devoted to sustenance, reproduction and to the contentment of human relations. Unpaid work is the term used in feminist economics to account for the free work devoted to such tasks. Feminists have denounced for years the undervaluation of work for bodily and personal care, and the related undervaluation of the subjects delegated to undertake it, i.e. women (Jochimsen and Knobloch, 1997). Feminists continue to affirm the unique role that care has in the wellbeing of humans. This is not simply because this unpaid work exceeds the total quantity of paid work performed in the market space (Picchio, 2003).