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Degrowth in post-socialist European countries


Although Slovenia and Croatia have recently undergone transition from socialist to market-based economy, calls to discuss new pathways for socio-economic transition can be heard in both countries. At the intersection of the economic, environmental and societal crisis, numerous grassroots organizations, as well as researchers and decision-makers are discussing how to reform our societies to face contemporary challenges. Drawing on foundations of environmental sustainability and social justice, Ljubljana-based environmental organisation Focus, Zagreb-based think-tank Group 22 and Vincent Liegey (based in Budapest) formed a research platform that explores social, industrial and historical potentials for degrowth-based trajectories to regional sustainability.

Vincent Liegey: A Degrowth Project in Hungary

Lidija Zivcic: Degrowth as a path for a country at a crossroad?

Vladimir Cvijanovic & Tomislav Tomasevic: Degrowth as an option in Croatia

Mladen Domazet & Branko Ancic: We Need to Change: analysing potential for degrowth across Europe


Format: Special session Explanation
Track: Science / Wissenschaft
Threads: Organizing society
Language: English
Available languages: English



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