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Buen vivir and radical ecological democracy


Recent experience has shown that mainstream approaches for implementing ‘sustainability’ and ‘development’ are of little success. This session will examine alternative visions –set out by a loose network of people, movements and institutions –promoting “radical ecological democracy (RED)”. Drawing on experiences from several continents, including the “buen vivir” concept from South America; “mandar obeciendo” from Mesoamerica, “degrowth” from Europe and "swaraj" initiatives from India, this session proposes to discuss issues pertaining to a number of themes of the conference.

Participants will include representatives from  North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The objectives of this session is to:
describe and analyse specific regional practices and proposals of these radical alternatives;
organise a conceptual discussion of the global frameworks  of emerging alternatives aiming to replace capitalist/state-dominated organizations of society in order to achieve sustainable, equitable futures and significantly improved quality of life and well-being.

Abstract: Session discussions will explore the need for differing strategies depending on the cultural, economic and ecological contexts of specific countries and peoples and the type of transitions that local to global peoples’ movements can engage in.

Gallardo: Sumak Kawsay: Living non-­‐capitalist values in a capitalist world.

Pyhälä: What have traditional hunter-gatherers got to say about happiness?

Kothari: Radical Ecological Democracy: A South Asian Quest for a Sustainable and Equitable Future

Demaria, Sekulova, Schneider & Martinez Alier: What is Degrowth? – From an Activist Slogan to a Social Movement

Velicu: The Post-communist Continuous Crisis and the Wake-up Call of Rosia Montana

David Barkin: Radical Ecological Economics