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Challenges to growth from the South: Conflicts and alternatives


This panel aims to contribute to degrowth debates in the North with a perspective from the South. The South offers a privileged scenario for studying the social, environmental and cultural impacts associated to the growth of the economies in the North. It is also a dynamic laboratory of mobilizations and alternatives to the mismanagement of common goods and to exclusionary decision-making mechanisms. Concepts such as Sumaq Kawsay and Ubuntu emerging from indigenous movements and political ecologists are put forth as alternatives to the hegemonic models of growth and development.

Marta Conde: Commodity frontiers and degrowth

Daniela Del Bene: Contours of Environmental and Water Justice; anti dams movements and resistance challenging politics and imaginaries

Gustavo Garcia-Lopez: Environmental movements and commoning strategies in Puerto Rico: challenging the growth paradigm?

Lucia Gallardo: Sumak Kawsay: Living non-capitalist values in a capitalist world