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Post-extractivism and de-growth: Two sides of the same perspective?


Abstract: This special sessions discusses the hypotheses that Postextractivism in the Global Sooth needs De-Growth in the global North. Or vice versa : Growth needs Extractivism. (Industrialized or even countries with an major service sector need to import ressources mainly from countries of the “global south”). It focuses on Extractivism as a new form of international division of labor and thus actual international capitalist mode of accumulation. In this context the session explores possibilities/necessities of connecting postextractivist and de-growth movements , politics and academic research. This connection is seldom made. Both the Postextractivist and even more the De-Growth Perspective rarely include the international perspective. This perspective seems to
Limit the two movements at a first glance: It doesn´t seem possible to leave Extractivism in the Global South considering the international capitalist and financial market. And De-Growth is commonly being critiziced for overseeing that “poor countries” need to grow to abolish poverty. On the other hand both concepts have in common topics like the non-destruction of ecosystems and reinforcing social, community and collective relations as opposed to mainly competeting ways of living. They also have in common to express contrahegemonic (minority) positions with a long term perspective that doesn´t fit with highly separated hegemonic academia and national (party) politics , that focuses on short term solutions. This session explores the possibilities of fruitful connections between the two concepts.

Facundo Martín: From building resistance to building alternatives – post-extractivist perspectives from below

Ulrich Brand: Post-Extracivism and De-Growth: Two Sides of the Same Perspective?

Alberto Acosta: Post-Extracivism and De-Growth: Two Sides of the Same Perspective?