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Working hours reduction as a part of degrowth agenda


Open for 10-12 participants.

Participatory modelling.

Degrowth paradigm implies significant changes in economy. Economic downscaling will cause an increase in unemployment rates. It will negatively influence social welfare system and it also may intensify poverty. The proponents of degrowth suggest several measures which can help to overcome such undesirable consequences. One of the measures is to reduce working hours in a paid sector. The objective of participatory modelling session is to enhance an active and constructive discussion on the topic between participants in order to get better systemic view of the possible consequences of working hours reduction policy. An expected final outcome of the session is a qualitative cause-and-effect model which can be used as a communication tool for further discussion.


Format: Special session with other format Explanation
Track: Science / Wissenschaft
Threads: Social-ecological economy
Language: English
Available languages: English




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