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Contributors: Lutz, Christian, Dr. (GWS mbH)


Dr. Christian Lutz studied empirical economics. Since 1997 he is working at GWS in the field of construction and application of economy-environment models. His research interests include sustainable development, energy and environmental policy, innovation, international trade and labour markets.

Scientific paper contribution: Measuring transformation towards a green economy in Germany co-authored by Roland Zieschank
Abstract: The economic and financial crisis has pushed different concepts to measure wealth and sustainable development beyond GDP. After screening international efforts and literature, we have developed a set of indicators to measure the transformation towards a green economy and the green economy itself. The concept builds on six different categories, (1) use of natural resources, (2) natural capital, (3) quality of life, (4) economic contribution of the green economy, (5) policies, and (6) background information on economic and social development. Each category consists of indicators to describe several dimensions such as different kinds of natural resources etc. The concept is tested regarding energy transformation (Energiewende) in Germany in the next decades. The test shows for the year 2030 how successful implementation will change and partly improve the set of indicators. As statistics do not yet deliver all preferred indicators gaps for future development of indicators are identified. Keywords: Measuring a green economy Set of indicators Scenarios of energy transformation in Germany Narrative steps: Scenarios and models.. National welfare and.