Version 2.0

Contributors: Bofill, Pau (UPC, Col·lectiu Mostassa)


Pau Bofill is a member of Col·lectiu mostassa, a group that seeks to understand the difference between natural and monetary economics, based on the difference between true needs and consumerism.

Scientific paper contribution: Natural Economies, the Alternative to Money. Card game simulation conclusions
This paper is authored by Pau Bofill and Fèlix Pardo Vallejo

Abstract: This document shows a comparison of bartering, alternative (free) money, official money (based on credit), and natural economies (give and take). The comparison is based on a workshop where the different kinds of exchange are simulated by means of playing cards. This paper describes the simulation game, and some reflections by the authors from previous editions of the workshop. This workshop is also offered in this conference as a special session.