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Contributors: Zivcic, Lidija (Focus)


Scientific paper contribution: Degrowth as a path for a country at a crossroad?
Abstract: Dealing with economic crisis, systemic corruption and citizen’s apathy, Slovenia is desperately trying to make a good move, yet it seems to be unable to resolve its problems. Such a situation is normally a good moment to stop and rethink one’s approaches; this is what Slovenia tried to do by starting a consultation process on Strategy of development of Slovenia in 2012. However, the consultation process was abruptly abandoned in the beginning of 2014. It is of key relevance that the development vision of Slovenia is thoroughly discussed among its citizens: how we could have a satisfactory level of wellbeing, yet remain in the environmental and social limits, how to make a transition to a different socio-economic model and how to make this transition smooth and without escalation of social disagreements. Because of gravity of these questions, it would be important that the answers are sought by all citizens of Slovenia, not only those, who see economic interests in the development strategies of Slovenia.