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Contributors: Martín, Facundo, Prof.


Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the Buenos Aires University and a Ms Sc in Agrarian Social Studies from FLACSO/Argentina. He has also Postdoctoral Studies at Universidad Federal Rural de Rio de Janeiro in the field of Environmental History. He works with a research team on space-society and nature-culture relations in drylands, political ecology of water and critical studies of development and global environmental change. He is also professor and political educator in different schools, courses and activities in La Via Campesina and Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo (CLOC).


Scientific paper contribution: From building resistance to building alternatives – post-extractivist perspectives from below
Abstract: In this paper we reflect on post-extractivist alternatives from below taking experiences from Argentina and Brazil as empirical references. These resistances recognize complex genealogies shaped by the historical violence represented in the imaginary geography of development and colonialism. These struggles are plural and multi-scale in articulating specific territorial conflicts with cosmopolitan horizons. Furthermore they are characterized by having a radical power and determination to prevent, neutralize and contest extractivism politics through a variety of strategies. On top of that they demonstrate a common assessment by territorial sovereignty, social justice and reapproppriation of nature that confronts the logic of extractive capital and destruction of nature. In this scenario, compressed between resistance and creation urgencies, these alternatives from below are configured as "experimental fields" that foreshadow societal projects of greater scope and duration.