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Kristina Dietz teaches political sciences and Latin American Studies at the FU Berlin. Her key teaching and research areas include societal nature relations, energy- and climate policy, struggles over nature, democracy and development. Her regional focus is on Latin America. She is member of BUKO, the Latin America Working Group and the “Grupo Permanente Alternativas al Desarrollo” of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Kristina Dietz forscht und lehrt an der FU Berlin zu gesellschaftlichen Naturverhältnissen, Energie- und Klimapolitik, Konflikten um Natur, Demokratie und Entwicklung. Ihr regionaler Fokus ist Lateinamerika. Sie ist Mitglied des AS ""Gesellschaftliche Naturverhältnisse"" (GesNat) der BUKO, des AK Lateinamerika sowie der "Grupo Permanente Alternativas al Desarrollo" der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Kristina Dietz organizes the special session "Are there „natural“ limits to growth? An interactive debate" at the conference (for more information, please refer to the programme).