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Contributors: Liegey, Vincent (A Degrowth Project)


Co-author of a “Degrowth Project – Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance” (Utopia, 2013), spokesperson of the French Degrowth movement.
Engineer, PhD student on Degrowth at the University of economics of Budapest, transdiciplinary researcher.

Koautor von "A Degrowth Project - Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance" (Utopia, 2013), Sprecher der französischen Degrowth-Bewegung. Ingenieur; promoviert zum Thema Degrowth an der Corvinus-Universität für Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Staatsverwaltung Budapest; transdisziplinärer Forscher.

Scientific paper contribution: "A Degrowth Project in Hungary"
Abstract: In 2011 a first book about Degrowth was published in Hungary: Latouche S., Farewell to Degrowth (Savaria). In January 2014, a second one was published, Liegey V. and Al., A Degrowth Project (Eszmelet). In this article, I will try to analyse the reception of Degrowth and in particular both these books among academics, medias, activists, and the public in the Hungarian context. This analysis will be done in comparing the French and the Hungarian perception on Degrowth, development, capitalism, productivism, welfare, and democracy. In particular it will be done for the special session “Degrowth in post-socialist European countries” and will particularly reflect on the cultural, political and economical heritage of socialism in Hungary and how it could influence the implementation of a “Degrowth Project” or of a transition toward societies of “a-growth”? 1. How to import Degrowth “à la française” into the Hungarian language and culture? 2. How Growthmania's critic has been received in Hungary? 3. How a Degrowth Project has been received in Hungary? 4. Main critics, limits, perspectives.