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Contributors: Turnbull, Shann, Dr. (International Institute for Self-governance)


Shann Turnbull, BSc (Melb.) MBA (Harvard), PhD, became a serial entrepreneur, listing three firms and was a co-founding member of a private equity group that re-organised a dozen others. A prolific author on reforming capitalism, see:

Scientific paper contribution: Strategies for promoting a sustainable de-growth society
Abstract: A strategy is described for achieving environmentally sustainable prosperous society compatible with promoting de-growth. Prosperity with sustainability is incompatible with the current global population, excessive income inequality and policies of full employment to distribute income. De-growth requires educating women and providing income security to allow populations to decrease naturally. However, the tax base to finance this objective will decline much faster because of aging populations. A politically attractive basis to redistribute national income through the private sector is to use tax incentives to make it more profitable for investors to transfer income-producing assets to welfare recipients. In addition, an ecological form of cost carrying money used during the Great Depression is described to reduce the need for carbon taxing or trading. The privatisation of welfare also allows localisation of the means for increasing prosperity with the power to nurture the host environment while enriching democracy.