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Contributors: Kallis, Giorgos, Prof. Dr. (R&D)


Environmental scientist working on ecological economics and political ecology, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research forms part of the inter-disciplinary field of environmental studies. His current research is motivated by the double global economic and ecological crisis. He explores the hypothesis of sustainable degrowth.

Umweltwissenschaftler; arbeitet zu Ökologischer Ökonomik und Politischer Ökologie. Professor an der Autonomen Universität Barcelona. Seine derzeitige Forschung ist angeregt durch die zweifache, globale ökologische und Wirtschaftskrise. Er geht der These vom nachhaltigen Degrowth nach.

Scientific paper contribution: Imaginaries of Hope: the Dialectical Utopianism of Degrowth
This paper is co-authored by Dr. Hug March.

Abstract: This paper analyzes Degrowth, a political project of radical socio-ecological transformation calling for decolonizing the social imaginary from capitalism Ìチs pursuit of endless growth. Benefiting from degrowth theory, Ursula Le Guin Ìチs science fiction and the nowtopias of Catalan anarcho-cooperativists, we argue that Degrowth signifies a “dialectical utopia”. First, it imagines a future of process and conflict, not a blissful end-state. Second, it challenges established assumptions of the good life, a subversive utopia that questions collective desires. Third, it brings the past into the future and in the production of the present. A central signification of degrowth, we find, is self-limitation as liberation from scarcity. This is part and parcel of sharing the commons. We discuss the emerging networked and scalar politics of the movement which we find wanting.