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Contributors: Horstmann, Nina (BioRegional)


Nina works for BioRegional on projects that provide practical and holistic sustainable solutions. Prior she was with the arts & climate change organisation Cape Farewell. Nina holds a MSc ‘Business Strategy & the Environment’ (Birkbeck Uni. London) and a MA ‘Art History’ (Humboldt Uni. Berlin).

Scientific paper contribution: Crowdfunding: Democratising finance for the green economy
Abstract: Crowdfunding is increasingly used as a mechanism to gather financial support for social and ecological projects that have difficulties finding backing from other income sources. But is the potential of crowdfunding fully explored yet? The understanding of what crowdfunding can mean as a democratic finance mechanism with its unique ability to provide alternative investment options is still patchy. This paper will present new empirical research using the example of crowdfunding for renewable energy. It concentrates mainly on the motivations and barriers for individuals to contribute to such initiatives through crowdfunding. This will lead to recommendations on business models and strategies to gather ‘the green crowd’. Crowdfunding can be a powerful tool to drive a shift towards a sustainable future, but it needs to be embraced strategically and with an understanding of its potential users' behaviours and motivations.